Safer Skincare: Which line is right for you?

Category: Beauty
By: Emily Voss, Liz Taylor,
August 23, 2022

Do I Really Need a Skincare Regimen?


The answer is yes, if you are over the age of 20-25!!!  Each product within the regimen is so important to the overall impact of the end result!


Step One: Cleanse: We need to start with a clean slate.  You don't want to mix previous product, makeup and environmental pollution with your skin care routine. To thoroughly remove makeup and other impurtities, cleanse twice daily for hydrated, healthy looking skin. Our cleansers purify your skin without harsh surfactants that can strip skin of moisture.


Step Two: Prep: Get your skin ready for treatment with one of our toners or the Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence. The Prep Step will clarify, help return skin to optimal pH levels, and prep your skin for maximum product absorption.


Step Three: Treat: This step packs powerful benefits. Our lightweight, fast-absorbing treatments deliver a concentrated dose of active ingrdedients. They will penetrate deeper and allow the skin to regenerate more effectively along with the other products.


Step Four: Protect: Finally, lock in the moisture. Our day and night creams provide lasting hydration and help strengthen your skin's barrier - without pore-clogging mineral oil or silicones. Daytime moisturizers maintain hydration, and address the overall needs of the skin based on the skincare line you are using. Our nighttime moisturizers are formulated to regenerate skin cells while you sleep. 


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You can also check out this handy chart to decide which line is right for you! Don't forget new clients take 30% off w/code CLEANFORALL30.